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Training Modules
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. Good Urban Governance for Effective Management and Delivery of Services
  2. Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting System for effective financial management in ULBs
  3. Benchmarking of Urban Services
  4. General Orientation Training Programme on Personality & Soft Skill Development
  5. Inclusive Urban Governance & Planning including Pro-poor & Gender Budgeting
  6. E-Governance Role Of ICT in Municipal Service Delivery
  7. Basic Computer Operations for Urban Functionaries
  8. Management of Solid waste in Urban Local Bodies
  9. Planning for Smart Cities- Preparation of Integrated City Development Plans, Structural Plans, Comprehensive Mobility Plan, Socio Economic & Environmental Planning
  10. Mobilization of Municipal Resources: Property Tax, User Charges, land monetization & other sources of Revenue in Urban Local Bodies
  11. Transparency in Local Governance: RTI, Public Disclosure Law & Community Participation Law
  12. E-Procurement for Urban Services
  13. PPP for infrastructure Development in Municipal Services
  14. Contract Management in Urban Services
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. Urban Planning for Sustainable Development
  2. Urban Environment in India
  3. Engendering Urban Development and Gender Budgeting
  4. Engendering Urban Development and Gender Budgeting in Urban administration
  5. Inclusive Urban Planning , Pro Poor and Gender Budgeting in Urban Administration
  6. Managing Disasters in Urban Areas
  7. Role of GIS in Urban Planning
  8. Managing Urban Environment & Smart Cities
  9. Urban Infrastructure Project Development Including Urban Transportation
  10. Social Audit of Urban Development Projects
  11. Managing Disasters in Urban Areas
  12. Skill Development For Urban Poor
  13. Climate Change and Its Impact on Environment
  14. Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Management
  15. Municipal Resource Mobilization and Financial Management
  16. Good Urban Governance
  17. Right to Information, Public Disclosure Law and Community Participation Law
  18. Role of Geographical Information System in Urban Planning
  19. E-Governance: Role of ICT in Municipal Services
  20. Financial Planning, The Budget-Concepts of Pro-poor and Gender Budgeting and Gender Equity & Role of Women in Local Governance
  21. Rain Water Harvesting
  22. Urban Sanitation
  23. Solid Waste Management
  24. Community Participation
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. SJSRY / proposed National Urban Livelihoods Mission (NULM) : An Introduction
  2. Community Mobilization and SHGs
  3. Street Vendor Policy and Legal Framework : Dr. A.K. Singh
  4. Social Sector Convergence: Convergence of SJSRY with Social Sector Schemes
  5. Monitoring of SJSRY / Proposed NULM MIS : Dr. Urmila Bagga
  6. Study Reports : Administrative Structure for Implementation of SJSRY in the States of Odisha, Bihar, MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Uttarkhand, West Bengal
Documentation: Best Practices under SJSRY/Implementation of Urban Street Vendors Policy
  1. Capacity Building : A Unique Initiative of Sikkim
  2. Community Participation Through Traditional Institutions of Governance : A beginning In Meghalaya
  3. Rehabilitation of Urban Street Vendors: An Initiative of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation
  4. Rehabilitation f Urban Street Vendors: A case Study of Dimapur
  5. Skill Development For The Urban Poor: Learning From SJSRY Project in Manipur
  6. Skill Development for the Urban Poor: Learning from SJSRY Project in Mizoram
  7. Community Driven Change : A Case Study of Communitization in Nagaland
  8. Togetherness Towards Progress: DiilyangBibu Multiple Purpose Cooperative Society, Ziro
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. Managing Disasters in Urban Areas: Role of Stakeholders
  2. Care and Protection of Girl Children: Status, Emerging Issues and Way Forward
  3. Citizen Charter, RTI Act and Public Disclosure Law
  4. Improving Municipal Services through Service Level Benchmarking
  5. Ethics & Social Accountability in Urban Governance in India.
  6. A study of Municipal Finances in India (sponsored by HUDCO, Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation) - submitted
  7. Urban Informal Sector and Street vendors
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. Training Module On Skill and Livelihood Development for the Urban Poor
  2. Administrative Structure for implementing UPA Programmes in the States of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh – on going
  3. Documentation of Best Practices on Implementation of Street Vendors Policy, SJSRY, JNNURM and other schemes (in selected states) – on going
  4. Municipal Finance – BSUP FUND – (in selected states) – on going
  5. Town Planning norms for including unprivileged (in select states) – on going
  6. Taxation on Urban Land (in select states) – on going
  7. Climate Change and its Impact on natural Disaster in India
  8. Gender Budgeting in Urban Administration
  9. Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and PPP in Eradicating Urban Poverty
  10. Community Mobilization and Empowerment
  11. Convergence of Schemes in Urban Poverty Alleviation
  12. Skill Development of the Urban Poor
  13. Social Audit of Urban Development Projects
  14. Urban Street Vendors and their Rehabilitation
  15. Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
  16. Urban Reforms and Sustainability
  17. Resource Mobilization and Sustainability in Urban Poverty Alleviation
  18. Conducting Social Audit of Urban Development Projects
  19. Participatory Planning in Urban Poverty Alleviation Programmes
  20. Application of ICT for Good Urban Governance
  21. Development of Inclusive Cities
  22. Planning for Slum Free Cities
  23. Hand book on Managing Disasters in India
  24. Hand book on Municipal Accounting
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. General Guidelines of Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY)
  2. Urban Self Employment Programme (U.S.E.P.)
  3. Urban Women Self-Help Programme (U.W.S.P.)
  4. Urban Wage Employment Programme (U.W.E.P.)
  5. Urban Community Development Network (U.C.D.N.)
  6. Trift& Credit Societies and Self-help Groups (T&CSs and SHGs)
  7. Skill Training for Employment Promotion Amongst Urban Poor (STEP-UP)
  8. Programme Administration, Monitoring @ IEC
  9. Revised Guidelines for Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY)
  10. Developing SMART Cities
Training Modules/Compendiums/ Guidelines
  1. Financing of Urban Infrastructure & Service for the Urban Poor
  2. Planning & Effective Implementation of IHSDP
  3. Effective Implementation of SJSRY
  4. Planning & Management of Cost Effective Housing for Urban Poor
  5. Community Participation in UPA Programmes
  6. Best Practices in SJSRY
  7. Profile of NGOS
  8. Project Planning and Implementation
  9. Project Management
  10. Solid Waste Management
  11. Double Entry Accounting System
  12. e-Governance
  13. Master Plan & Zoning Regulations
  14. Slum Free and Poverty Free Cities
  15. Basic Services to Urban Poor in JNNURM Cities in U.P. : Situational Analysis and Proposed Strategies
  16. Resource Mobilisation in ULBs
  17. Cluster Approach in SJSRY: Experiences of NGOs
  18. Public Private Partnership for Provision of Services for Urban Poor
  19. Social Accountability And Social Audit
  20. Training Module On Public Private Partnership For Provision Of Services For The Urban Poor
  1. Monograph on Effective Implementation of SJSRY Guidelines
  2. Monograph on Functioning of Community Organisations under SJSRY
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