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Major Research Studies
Ever since establishment of RCUES, Lucknow in 1968, a number of Research Studies have been carried out which were financially supported by State Governments, Central Government and International Agencies. Year-wise list of various major Research Studies undertaken by the centre are as under:
Research Study
  1. Empowering Women through participation in Urban Local Governance: A study of Elected Women representatives in Uttar Pradesh- Dr Nasruddin, Assistant Director
  2. Municipal Finance in India: A study of Ranchi Municipal Corporation in Jharkhand- Dr A K Singh, Assistant Director
Best Practices / Case Study
  1. Bio Digestor Plant of Kanha Upvan, Lucknow -- Documentation of Best Practice., 2017
  2. Bio Energy Plant , Lucknow - Documentation of Best Practice 2017
  3. Waste to Compost Plant at Puri (Odisha)- Dr Rajeev Narayan, Deputy Director & Dr Nasruddin, Assistant Director.
Research Study (On Going)
  1. Impact Study of Water Supply services in Kanpur, Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad and Lucknow (KAVAL towns) after merger of Jai Sansthans with Nagar Nigam.
  2. Impact Assessment Study of Urban reforms implemented under Jawaharlal Lal Nehru Urban Renewable Mission (JnNURM) in Kanpur, Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Mathura and Meerut Cities.
  3. Solid Waste Management (SWM): A Comparative study of Kanpur, Lucknow and Agra Municipal Corporation of Uttar Pradesh
  4. Assessment of Property Tax collection before and after implementation of GIS Technology in Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Varanasi, Allahabad and Ghaziabad.
Other Research Study
  • Empowering Women through Participation in Urban Local Governance: A Study of Elected Women Representatives in Uttar Pradesh
  • Municipal Finance in India: A study of Ranchi Municipal Corporation in Jharkhand
  • Comparison of Cantonment and Nagar Nigam: A Case Study of Lucknow
  • Preliminary Assessment and Situational Appraisal on CDP, GIS and Double Entry Accounting System
  • Evaluation of IDSMT Scheme in U.P, M.P, Bihar and Orissa
  • Deliberative and Executive wings in Urban Local Bodies (A study of U.P)
  • Community Sanitation in India (A study of Public Private Partnership)
  • Financial Status of Lucknow Nagar Nigam
  • Municipal Finance in Orissa: An analysis (A case study of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporations )
  • Financial Status of Nagar Panchayats in U.P (A study of select Nagar Panchayats)
  • Finances of Urban Government in M.P (A study of Ujjain Nagar Nigam)
  • Municipal Finance: An analysis (A case study of Lucknow Nagar Nigam)
  • Municipal Finances in U.P (A case study of Allahabad Nagar Nigam)
  • Municipal Finances in Uttar Pradesh (A case study of Class I towns)
  • Urban Local Bodies in U.P (In the context of the Constitution 74th (Amendment) Act 1992)
  • State of Urban Child in U.P (UNICEF)
  • Evaluation of Rural House-Site-Cum-Construction Assistance Scheme in Bihar, Rajasthan and west Bengal (Ministry of Urban Development)
  • Effectiveness of IDSMT Scheme in Uttar Pradesh (Ministry of Urban Development)
  • Levy of Octroi in Selected States: Its Incidence and Feasibility of Abolition (Ministry of Urban Development)
  • Determination of Training Needs in Municipal Administration in the States of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh (Ministry of Urban Development)
  • Viability of the U.P Urban Development Project in Lucknow City (World Bank)
  • Trends of Urbanization and its Impact on Urban Civic Services in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Uttar Pradesh
  • Financial and Administrative delegation of power in the municipality of Jaunpur with special reference to IDSMT
  • Environmental Improvement Schemes in Lucknow and Allahabad
  • Management of Water Supply Undertakings in the Cities of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
  • Administration and Impact of Urban Land Ceiling Act in Lucknow
  • Social Indicators for the Integrated Development of Barabanki Town
  • A study of Removal of Encroachment and their Rehabilitation in the Lucknow City
  • Municipal Finances in Madhya Pradesh
  • Report on History of Ghaziabad
  • Report on History of Rampur
  • Analysis of Municipal Budgets of Urban Local Bodies of Uttar Pradesh (1975-76)
  • Talkotra Housing Scheme: A Study of Residents Satisfaction
  • Abolition of Octroi in Madhya Pradesh
  • Towns of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar
  • Municipal Directorates in India
  • Administrative History of Class I towns of Uttar Pradesh
  • Report on The Socio Economic Survey (UNICEF)
  • Report on Household Food Consumption and Nutrition Survey (UNICEF)
  • Report on Vocational Training and Guidance (UNICEF)
  • Report on the Educational Survey (UNICEF)
  • Centralization of Municipal Services
  • Under Assessment of Property Tax in Lucknow City (sponsored by Union Ministry of Health and Family Planning)
  • Working of Municipal Boards in Uttar Pradesh
  • Problems of Management and Financing of Water Supply in Urban Areas (Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar)
  • Working of Municipal Corporations in Uttar Pradesh
  • Working of Municipal Corporations in U.P
  • A Pilot Study of Integrated Services for Youth and Children in Urban Areas (Sponsored by UNICEF)
  • Organization and Working of Select Utility Services and the Level of Satisfaction among the citizens of Lucknow Municipal Corporation.
  • Second Municipal Election of the KAVAL Towns of Uttar Pradesh.
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